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Design and Implementation of Instantaneous Power Estimation Algorithm for Unified Power Conditioners
Sindhu. S, Sindhu M. R., and T. N. P. Nambiar
Abstract This paper discusses a simple control approach for a Unified Power Conditioner (UPC) system to achieve power quality compensation at the point of common coupling in distribution systems. The proposed Instantaneous Power Estimation Algorithm (IPEA) for shunt and series active power filters uses a simple mathematical concept that reduces the complexity in the design of the controller. The performance of a UPC is verified with a system subjected to voltage distortions, sags/swells and unbalanced loads using MATLAB/SIMULINK. The simulation study shows that a UPC with the proposed control algorithm can effectively compensate for voltage and current harmonics, unbalance and reactive power. The control algorithm is experimentally implemented using dSPACE DS1104 and its effectiveness has been verified.
Keyword Harmonics, Point of common coupling, Power conditioner, Power quality, Series active power filter, Shunt active power filter
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