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Three-Phase Current Balancing Strategy with Distributed Static Series Compensators
Hanjong Yoon, Dongkwan Yoon, Dongmin Choi, and Younghoon Cho
Abstract This paper proposes a three-phase current balancing strategy in a power transmission system employing distributed static series compensators (DSSCs). With the proposed variable quadrature voltage injection method, the DSSC emulates either an inductive or a capacitive impedance into the transmission line, and the magnitudes of the phase currents are balanced. Hence, the phase imbalances in the power transmission system are significantly reduced. As a result, the power transfer capability of the transmission lines can be improved. The operational principle of the DSSCs, the hardware structure and the control algorithm are described in detail. Finally, the theoretical analyses and the proposed strategy are experimentally verified through a scaled down transmission system with DSSC prototypes.
Keyword Distributed static series compensator, Power transmission system, Reactive power compensation, Static series compensator
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