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Leakage Magnetic Field Suppression Using Dual-Transmitter Topology in EV Wireless Charging
Guodong Zhu, Dawei Gao, and Shulin Lin
Abstract This paper proposes an active leakage magnetic field (LMF) suppression scheme, which uses the dual-transmitter (DT) topology, for EV wireless charging systems (EVWCS). The two transmitter coils are coplanar, concentric and driven by separate inverters. The LMF components generated by the three coils cancel each other out to reduce the total field strength. This paper gives a detailed theoretical analysis on the operating principles of the proposed scheme. Finite element analysis is used to simulate the LMF distribution patterns. Experimental results show that when there is no coil misalignment, 97% of the LMF strength can be suppressed in a 1kW prototype. These results also show that the impact on efficiency is small. The trade-off between LMF suppression and efficiency is revealed, and a control strategy to balance these two objectives is presented.
Keyword Control strategy, Dual-transmitter, EV wireless charging, Finite element analysis, Leakage magnetic field, Wireless power transfer
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