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Finite Element Analysis and Dynamics Simulation of A Mechanical Flux-varying PM Machine with Auto-rotary PMs
Chaozhi Huang*,, Zhixuan Zhang, Xiping Liu, Juanjuan Xiao and Hui Xu
Abstract A new type of auto-rotary PMs mechanical flux-varying PM machine (ARPMMFVPMM) is proposed in this paper, which can overcome the problem that the air-gap magnetic field of PM machine is difficult to freely adjust. The topology structures of the machine and mechanical flux-adjusting device are given, and the operation principle of flux-adjusting is analyzed in detail. Furthermore, the deformation of spring with the speed variation is obtained by virtual prototype technology. The electromagnetic characteristics including flux distribution, air gap flux density, flux linkage, electromagnetic-magnetic-force (EMF), and flux weakening ability are computed by 2D finite element method (FEM). The results show the machine have some advantages such as the good field control ability.
Keyword Finite element method, Mechanical flux-adjusting device, PM machine, Virtual prototype technology
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