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DAB Converter Based on Unified High-Frequency Bipolar Buck-Boost Theory for Low Current Stress
Jia-rong KanĘ”, Yao-dong Yang*, Yu Tang**, Dong-chun Wu*, Yun-ya Wu* and Jiang Wu***
Abstract This paper proposes a unified high-frequency bipolar buck-boost (UHFBB) control strategy for a dual-active-bridge (DAB), which is derived from the classical buck and boost DC/DC converter. It can achieve optimized current stress of the switches and soft switching in wider range. The UHFBB control strategy includes multi-control-variables, which can be achieved according to an algorithm derived from an accurate mathematical model. The design method for the parameters, such as the transformer turns ratio and the inductance, are shown. The current stress of the switches is analyzed for selecting an optimal inductor. The analysis is verified by the experimental results within a 500W prototype.
Keyword DAB, high-frequency bipolar buck-boost, BCM, DCM, current stress, multi-parameters solving
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