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Double-Loop Coil Design for Wireless Power Transfer to Embedded Sensors on Spindles
Suiyu Chen*, Yongmin Yang˘Ó and Yanting Luo*
Abstract The major drawbacks of magnetic resonant coupled wireless power transfer (WPT) to the embedded sensors on spindles are transmission instability and low efficiency of the transmission. This paper proposes a novel double-loop coil design for wirelessly charging embedded sensors. Theoretical and finite-element analyses show that the proposed coil has good transmission performance. In addition, the power transmission capability of the double-loop coil can be improved by reducing the radius difference and width difference of the transmitter and receiver. It has been demonstrated by analysis and practical experiments that a magnetic resonant coupled WPT system using the double-loop coil can provide a stable and efficient power transmission to embedded sensors.
Keyword embedded sensors, magnetic resonant coupled, spindle, WPT
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