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DC-Link Voltage Balance Control Using Fourth- Phase for 3-Phase 3-Level NPC PWM Converters with Common-Mode Voltage Reduction Technique
Jun-Hyung Jung*, Jung-Hoon Park*, Jang-Mok KimĘ” and Yung-Deug Son**
Abstract This paper proposes a DC-link voltage balance controller using the fourth-phase of a three-level neutral-point clamped (NPC) PWM converter with medium vector selection (MVS) PWM for common-mode voltage reduction. MVS PWM makes the voltage reference by synthesizing the voltage vectors that cannot generate common-mode voltage. This PWM method is effective for reducing the EMI noise emitted from converter systems. However, the DC-link voltage imbalance problem is caused by the use of limited voltage vectors. Therefore, in this paper, the effect of MVS PWM on the DC-link voltage of a three-level NPC converter is analyzed. Then a proportional-derivative (PD) controller for the DC-link voltage balance is designed from the DC-link modeling. In addition, feedforward compensation of the neutral point current is included in the proposed PD controller. The effectiveness of the proposed controller is verified by experimental results.
Keyword three-level NPC converter, common-mode voltage reduction, DC-link voltage balancing control
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