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New ZVZCT Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Using Coupled Inductors
Wei QianĘ”, Xi ZhangĘ”, Zhe LiĘ”, Wenqiang JinĘ”* and Jochen Wiedemann**
Abstract In this study, a novel zero voltage zero current transition (ZVZCT) bidirectional DC-DC converter is proposed by employing coupled inductors. This converter can turn the main switch on at ZVZCT and it can turn it off with zero voltage switching (ZVS) for both the boost and buck modes. These characteristics are obtained by using a simple auxiliary sub-circuit regardless of the power flow direction. In the boost mode, the auxiliary switch achieves zero current switching (ZCS) turn-on and ZVS turn off. Due to the coupling inductors, this converter can make further efficiency improvements because the resonant energy in the capacitor or inductor can be transferred to the load. The main diode operates with ZVT turn-on and ZCS turn-off in the boost mode. For the buck mode, there is a releasing circuit to conduct the currents generated by the magnetic flux leakage to the output. The auxiliary switch turns on with ZCS and it turns off with ZVT. The main diode also turns on with ZVT and turns off with ZCS. The design method and operation principles of the converter are discussed. A 500 W experimental prototype has been built and verified by experimental results.
Keyword bidirectional, ZVZCT, coupled inductor, DC-DC converter
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