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Key Technologies of Supercapacitor Energy Storage System of IP Transmitter
Zhihui Zeng˘Ó, Xiaowei Wang*, Yanfang Wei*, Zhiguo Hu*, Yangxiao Yu*, and Zhigang Zhang**
Abstract A practical application of a supercapacitor energy storage system in a polarization instrument is proposed on the basis of the energy storage requirements of an induced polarization (IP) transmitter for geophysical exploration. We focused on the energy storage system of a supercapacitor, the topology of the power converter, and the system control strategy as key technologies, and we performed theoretical research and experimental tests on the system and developed an experimental platform. The experiments validated the theoretical research on the key technologies of the supercapacitor energy storage system and demonstrated the effectiveness of the innovation. Results showed that the storage system is efficient and satisfies the energy storage needs of the IP transmitter.
Keyword polarization apparatus; supercapacitor; storage system; key technology; efficient
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