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Analysis and Modeling of AC-AC Switched Capacitor Converters
Hui Cai*, Liting Bao*, Qian Guo˘Ó, Ying Wang*, and Weimin Chen*
Abstract A new modeling method for AC?AC switched capacitor converters (SCCs) is introduced in this study. The proposed analytical method aims to accurately describe the input?output characteristics of AC?AC SCCs and establish a mathematical model for static voltage conversion ratio and equivalent resistance, which are key performance metrics for SCCs. A quantitative analysis of converter regulation capability is addressed on the basis of the modeling method. In this analysis, the effects of the control parameters and individual components on SCCs are illustrated extensively. Component stresses, such as the peak value and transient variation of the voltage/current of the converter, are also presented. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by comparing it with the existing modeling method and applying it to an AC?AC SCC with a conversion ratio of three. Tw
Keyword AC?AC converters, Modeling, Switched capacitor, Transient analysis
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