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Improved Circuit Model for Simulating IGBT Switching Transients in VSCs
Naushath Mohamed HaleemĘ”, Athula D. Rajapakse*, and Aniruddha M. Gole*
Abstract This study presents a circuit model for simulating the switching transients of insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) with inductive load switching. The modeling approach used in this study considers the behavior of IGBTs and freewheeling diodes during the transient process and ignores the complex semiconductor physics-based relationships and parameters. The proposed circuit model can accurately simulate the switching behavior due to the detailed consideration of device?circuit interactions and the nonlinear nature of model parameters, such as internal capacitances. The developed model is incorporated in an IGBT loss calculation module of an electromagnetic transient simulation program to enable the estimation of switching losses in voltage source converters embedded in large power systems.
Keyword Electromagnetic Transient Program, Insulated-gate bipolar transistor, Insulated-gate bipolar transistor modeling, Switching loss, Voltage source converter
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