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Compensation of Neutral Point Deviation Under Generalized 3-Phase Imbalance in 3-level NPC Converters
Kyungsub Jung* and Yongsug Suh˘Ó
Abstract This paper presents a neutral point deviation and ripple compensation control method for application to 3-level NPC converters. The neutral point deviation and its harmonic components are analyzed with a focus on the average current flowing through the neutral point of the dc-link. This paper also proposes a control scheme to compensate for the neutral point deviation and dominant harmonic components under generalized unbalanced grid operating conditions. The positive and negative sequence components of the pole voltages and ac input currents are employed to accurately explain the behavior of 3-level NPC converters. Simulation and experimental results are presented to verify the validity of the proposed method.
Keyword 3-level NPC converter, Dual-frame current regulator, Imbalance factor, Neutral point current, Neutral point deviation, single-frame current regulator, Unbalanced grid input
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