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Multi-Function Distributed Generation with Active Power Filter and Reactive Power Compensator
Shengli Huang* and Jianguo Luo˘Ó
Abstract This paper presents a control strategy for voltage-controlled multi-function distributed generation (DG) combined with an active power filter (APF) and a reactive power compensator. The control strategy is based on droop control. As a result of local nonlinear loads, the voltages of the point of common coupling (PCC) and the currents injecting into the grid by the DG are distorted. The power quality of the PCC voltage can be enhanced by using PCC harmonic compensation. In addition, with the PCC harmonic compensation, the DG offers a low-impedance path for harmonic currents. Therefore, the DG absorbs most of the harmonic currents generated by local loads, and the total harmonic distortion (THD) of the grid connected current is dramatically reduced. Furthermore, by regulating the reactive power of the DG, the magnitude of the PCC voltage can be maintained at its nominal value. The performance of the DG with the proposed control strategy is analyzed by bode diagrams. Finally, simulation and experimental results verify the proposed control strategy.
Keyword Active power filter, Reactive power compensation voltage-source inverter
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