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Modelling and Performance Analysis of UPQC with Digital Kalman Control Algorithm under Unbalanced Distorted Source Voltage conditions
Venkatesh KumarĘ” and Rajeswari Ramachandran*
Abstract In this paper, the generation of a reference current and voltage signal based on a Kalman filter is offered for a 3-phase 4wire UPQC (Unified Power Quality Conditioner). The performance of the UPQC is improved with source voltages that are distorted due to harmonic components. Despite harmonic and frequency variations, the Kalman filter is capable enough to determine the amplitude and the phase angle of load currents and source voltages. The calculation of the first state is sufficient to identify the fundamental components of the current, voltage and angle. Therefore, the Kalman state estimator is fast and simple. A Kalman based control strategy is proposed and implemented for a UPQC in a distribution system. The performance of the proposed control strategy is assessed for all possible source conditions with varying nonlinear and linear loads. The functioning of the proposed control algorithm with a UPQC is scrutinized and validated through simulations employing MATLAB/Simulink software. Using a FPGA SPATRAN 3A DSP board, the proposed algorithm is developed and implemented. A small-scale laboratory prototype is built to verify the simulation results. The stated control scheme for the UPQC reduces the following issues, voltage sags, voltage swells, harmonic distortions (voltage and current), unbalanced supply voltage and unbalanced power factor under dynamic and steady-state operating conditions.
Keyword Active power filter, Distortions, Imbalance voltage, Kalman filter, Phase locked loop (PLL), Synchronous reference frame (SRF), Unified power quality conditioner (UPQC)
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