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Deadbeat and Hierarchical Predictive Control with Space-Vector Modulation for Three-Phase Five-Level Nested Neutral Point Piloted Converters
Junjie LiĘ”, Xiangyu Chang**, Dirui Yang*, Yunlong Liu***, and Jianguo Jiang*
Abstract To achieve a fast dynamic response and to solve the multi-objective control problems of the output currents, capacitor voltages and system constraints, this paper proposes a deadbeat and hierarchical predictive control with space-vector modulation (DB-HPC-SVM) for five-level nested neutral point piloted (NNPP) converters. First, deadbeat control (DBC) is adopted to track the reference currents by calculating the deadbeat reference voltage vector (DB-RVV). After that, all of the candidate switching sequences that synthesize the DB-RVV are obtained by using the fast SVM principle. Furthermore, according to the redundancies of the switch combination and switching sequence, a hierarchical model predictive control (MPC) is presented to select the optimal switch combination (OSC) and optimal switching sequence (OSS). The proposed DB-HPC-SVM maintains the advantages of DBC and SVM, such as fast dynamic response, zero steady-state error and fixed switching frequency, and combines the characteristics of MPC, such as multi-objective control and simple inclusion of constraints. Finally, comparative simulation and experimental results of a five-level NNPP converter verify the correctness of the proposed DB-HPC-SVM.
Keyword Capacitor voltage balancing control, Deadbeat control, Five-level, model predictive control, Nested neutral point piloted, Space-vector modulation, Stacked multicell converter
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