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Control Bandwidth Extension Method Based on Phase Margin Compensation for Inverters with Low Carrier Ratio
Qikang Wei*, Bangyin Liu˘Ó, and Shanxu Duan*
Abstract This paper presents a control bandwidth extension method for inverters with a low carrier ratio. The bandwidth is extended at the price of decreasing the phase margin. Then the phase margin is compensated by introducing an extra leading angle into an inverse Park transformation. The model of the controller with the proposed method is established. The magnitude and phase characteristics are also analyzed. Then the influence on system stability when the leading angle is introduced is analyzed. The proposed method is applied to design an inverter controller with both a large bandwidth and a desired phase margin, and the experimental results verify that the controller performs well in the steady-state and in terms of transient response.
Keyword Bandwidth, Dynamic, Inverter, Low carrier ratio, Stability
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