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Accurate Power Sharing in Proportion for Parallel Connected Inverters by Reconstructing Inverter Output Impedance
Shengli HuangóË and Jianguo Luo*
Abstract This paper presents parallel-connected inverters to achieve accurate proportional power sharing. Due to line impedance mismatch, reactive power cannot be distributed proportionally when using the conventional P-ą° and Q-E droop. In order to realize reactive proportional power sharing, the ratio of the droop coefficients should be inversely proportional to their power-sharing ratios. Meanwhile, the ratio of the line impedance should be inversely proportional to the desired power-sharing ratio, which is very difficult to be met in practice. In order to deal with this issue, a practical control strategy is presented. By measuring the PCC voltage and using the virtual impedance, the output impedance of individual inverters is reconstructed to counteract the line impedance effect. In order to guarantee system stability, a low pass filter is designed to suppress the bandwidth of the line compensation. Finally, the simulation and experimental results are given to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.
Keyword Droop control, Parallel-connected inverter, Proportional power sharing, Virtual impedance
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