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Novel Soft Starting Algorithm of Single Phase Induction Motors by Using PWM Inverter
Hae-Jin Kim*, Seon-Hwan Hwang**, and Jang-Mok KimĘ”
Abstract This paper proposes a novel soft starting algorithm by using PWM inverter technique to control an amplitude of the motor starting current at a single-phase induction motor (SPIM). Traditional SPIM starting methods such as a Split-Phase, Capacitor-Start, Permanent-Split Capacitor (PSC), Capacitor-Start Capacitor-Run (CSCR), basically cannot control the magnitude of starting current due to the fixed system structures. Therefore, in this paper, a soft starting algorithm based on a proportional resonant (PR) control with a variable and constant frequency is proposed to reduce the inrush current and starting up time. In addition, a transition algorithm for operation modes is devised to generate a constant voltage and constant frequency (CVCF). The validity and effectiveness of the proposed soft starting method and transition algorithm are verified through experimental results.
Keyword Capacitor-Start Capacitor-Run, Operation Mode Transition, PR (Proportional Resonant) Current Controller, Soft Starting Algorithm, SPIM
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