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Two Low-Loss Large Current Rectifiers Based on Low KVA Rating Wye-Connected Autotransformers
Fangang Meng¢Ó, Zhongcheng Man*, Quanhui Li*, and Lei Gao*
Abstract In this paper, two large current rectifiers are proposed based on two wye-connected autotransformers. The requirements of the ideal large current rectifier are analyzed, and it is concluded that the large current rectifier has a higher power density and a higher energy conversion efficiency when it is made up of two three-phase half-wave rectifiers and a wye-connected autotransformer. According to theoretical analysis results, the two novel wye-connected autotransformers are designed to feed two three-phase half-wave rectifiers. The two autotransformers can generate two groups of three-phase voltages with a 60o phase shifting, and their kVA ratings account for 95% and 80% of the load power, respectively. These values are less than those of a double star rectifier at 30% and 46%. From the input mains and output side, the power quality of the proposed rectifiers is the same as that of the double star rectifier. Some experiments validate the correctness of the theoretical analysis.
Keyword Double star rectifier (DSR), Large current rectifier, Three-phase half-wave rectifier, Wye-connected autotransformer
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