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Novel Method for Circulating Current Suppression in MMCs Based on Multiple Quasi-PR Controller
Jian Qiu*, Lijun Hang¢Ó, Dongliang Liu*, Shengbao Geng**, Xiaonan Ma*, and Zhen Li*
Abstract An improved circulating current suppression control method is proposed in this paper. In the proposed controller, an outer loop of the average capacitor voltage control model is used to balance the sub-module capacitor voltage. Meanwhile, an individual voltage balance controller and an arm voltage balance controller are also used. The DC and harmonic components of the circulating current are separated using a low pass filter. Therefore, a multiple quasi-proportional-resonant (multi-quasi-PR) controller is introduced in the inner loop to eliminate the circulating harmonic current, which mainly contains second-order harmonic but also contains other high-order harmonics. In addition, the parameters of the multi-quasi-PR controller are designed in the discrete domain and an analysis of the stability characteristic is given in this paper. In addition, a simulation model of a three-phase MMC system is built in order to confirm the correctness and superiority of the proposed controller. Finally, experiment results are presented and compared. These results illustrate that the improved control method has good performance in suppressing circulating harmonic current and in balancing the capacitor voltage.
Keyword Capacitor voltage balance, Circulating harmonic current suppression, Discrete domain modeling, Modular multilevel converter (MMC), Multiple quasi-proportional-resonant controller
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