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Deadbeat Direct Active and Reactive Power Control of Three-phase PWM AC/DC Converters
Ali Gandomkar* and Jul-Ki SeokĘ”
Abstract This study focuses on a high-performance direct active and reactive power controller design that is successfully applicable to three-phase pulse width modulation (PWM) AC/DC converters used in renewable distributed energy generation systems. The proposed controller can overcome the sluggish transient dynamic response of conventional controllers to rapid power command changes. Desired active and reactive powers can be thoroughly obtained at the end of each PWM period through a deadbeat solution. The proposed controller achieves an exact nonlinear cross-coupling decoupling of system power without using a predefined switching table or bang/bang hysteresis control. A graphical and analytical analysis that naturally leads to a control voltage vector selection is provided to confirm the finding. The proposed control strategy is evaluated on a 3 kW PWM AC/DC converter in the simulation and experiment.
Keyword Deadbeat (DB) solution, Direct active and reactive power controller (DPQC), Nonlinear cross-coupling decoupling, Three-phase PWM AC/DC converter
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