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Double-Input DC-DC Converter for Applications with Wide-Input-Voltage-Ranges
Renjun Hu**, Jun Zeng**, Junfeng Liu*, and Jinming Yang˘Ó
Abstract The output power of most facilities for renewable energy generation is unstable due to external environmental conditions. In distributed power systems with two or more sources, a stable output can be achieved with the complementary power supply among the different input sources. In this paper, a double-input DC-DC converter with a wide-input-voltage-range is proposed for renewable energy generation. This converter has the following advantages: the circuit is simple, and the input voltage range is wide and the fault tolerance is excellent. The operation modes and the steady-state analysis are examined. Finally, experimental results are illustrated to verify the correctness of the analysis and the feasibility of the proposed converter.
Keyword Distributed power system, Double-input, Fault tolerance, Wide-input-voltage-range
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