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Model Predictive Torque Control of Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives with Voltage Cost Functions
Xiao-Guang Zhang, Ben-Shuai Hou, Yi-Kang He, and Da-Wei Gao
Abstract In this paper, a model predictive torque control (MPTC) without the use of a weighting factor for surface mounted permanent-magnet synchronous machine (SPMSM) drive systems is presented. Firstly, the desired voltage vector is predicted in real time according to the principles of deadbeat torque and flux control. Then the sector of this desired voltage vector is determined. The complete enumeration for testing all of the feasible voltage vectors is avoided by testing only the candidate vectors contained in the sector. This means that only two voltage vectors in the sector need to be tested for selecting the optimal voltage vector in each control period. Thus, the calculation time can be reduced when compared with the conventional enumeration method. On the other hand, a novel cost function that only includes the dq-axis voltage errors between the desired voltage and candidate voltage is designed to eliminate the weighting factor used in the conventional MPTC. Thus, the control complexity caused by the tuning of the weighting factor is effectively decreased when compared with the conventional MPTC. Simulation and experimental investigation have been carried out to verify the proposed method.
Keyword Computation burden, Predictive control, Torque control, Weighting factor
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