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Advanced Small-Signal Model of Multi-Terminal Modular Multilevel Converters for Power Systems Based on Dynamic Phasors
Pan Hu, Hongkun Chen, Lei Chen, Xiaohang Zhu, and Xuechun Wang
Abstract Modular multilevel converter (MMC)-based high-voltage direct current (HVDC) presents attractive technical advantages and contributes to enhanced system operation and reduced oscillation damping in dynamic MMC?HVDC systems. We propose an advanced small-signal multi-terminal MMC?HVDC based on dynamic phasors and state space for power system stability analysis to enhance computational accuracy and reduce simulation time. In accordance with active and passive network control strategies for multi-terminal MMC?HVDC, the matchable small-signal stability models containing high harmonics and dynamics of internal variables are conducted, and a related theoretical derivation is carried out. The proposed advanced small-signal model is then compared with electromagnetic?transient and traditional small-signal state-space models by adopting a typical multi-terminal MMC?HVDC network with offshore wind generation. Simulation indicates that the advanced small-signal model can successfully follow the electromechanical transient response with small errors and can predict the damped oscillations. The validity and applicability of the proposed model are effectively confirmed.
Keyword Advanced small-signal model, Dynamic phasors, Multi-terminal MMC?HVDC, Power system stability
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