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Novel Buck Mode Three-Level Direct AC Converter with a High Frequency Link
Lei Li, Yue Guan, Kunshan Gong, Guangqiang Li, and Jian Guo
Abstract A novel family of Buck mode three-level direct ac converters with a high frequency link is proposed. These converters can transfer an unsteady high ac voltage with distortion into a regulated sinusoidal voltage with a low THD at the same frequency. The circuit configuration is constituted of a three-level converter, high frequency transformer, cycloconverter, as well as input and output filters. The topological family includes forward, push-pull, half-bridge, and full-bridge modes. In order to achieve a reliable three-level ac-ac conversion, and to overcome the surge voltage and surge current of the cycloconverter, a phase-shifted control strategy is introduced in this paper. A prototype is presented with experimental results to demonstrate that the proposed converters have five advantages including high frequency electrical isolation, lower voltage stress of the power switches, bi-directional power flow, low THD of the output voltage, and a higher input power factor.
Keyword Buck mode, Direct ac converter, High frequency link, Three-level (TL)
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