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A Parameter Selection Method for Multi-Element Resonant Converters with a Resonant Zero Point
Yifeng Wang, Liang Yang, Guodong Li, and Shijie Tu
Abstract This paper proposes a parameter design method for multi-element resonant converters (MERCs) with a unique resonant zero point (RZP). This method is mainly composed of four steps. These steps include program filtration, loss comparison, 3D figure fine-tuning and priority compromise. It features easy implementation, effectiveness and universal applicability for almost all of the existing RZP-MERCs. Meanwhile, other design methods are always exclusive for a specific topology. In addition, a novel dual-CTL converter is also proposed here. It belongs to the RZP-MERC family and is designed in detail to explain the process of parameter selection. The performance of the proposed method is verified experimentally on a 500W prototype. The obtained results indicate that with the selected parameters, an extensive dc voltage gain is obtained. It also possesses over-current protection and minimal switching loss. The designed converter achieves high efficiencies among wide load ranges, and the peak efficiency reaches 96.9%.
Keyword High efficiency, Multi-element resonant converter, Parameter selection, Resonant zero point, Soft-switching
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