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Distributed Secondary Voltage Control of Islanded Microgrids with Event-Triggered Scheme
Qian Guo, Hui Cai, Ying Wang, and Weimin Chen
Abstract In this study, the distributed secondary voltage control of islanded microgrids with multi-agent consensus algorithm is investigated. As an alternative to a time-triggered approach, an event-triggered scheme is proposed to reduce the communication load among inverter-based distributed generators (DGs). The proposed aperiodic control scheme reduced unnecessary utilization of limited network bandwidth without degrading control performance. By properly establishing a distributed triggering condition in DG local controller, each inverter is only required to send voltage information when its own event occurs. The compensation of voltage amplitude deviation can be realized, and redundant data exchange related to fixed high sampling rate can be avoided. Therefore, an efficient use of communication infrastructure can be realized, particularly when the system is operating in steady state. The effectiveness of the proposed scheme is verified by simulations on a microgrid test system.
Keyword Event-triggered scheme, Microgrid, Multi-agent system, Secondary voltage control
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