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Novel Adaptive Blanking Regulation Scheme for Constant Current and Constant Voltage Primary-side Controlled Flyback Converter
Yongjiang Bai, Wenjie Chen, Xiaoyu Yang, and Xu Yang
Abstract Primary-side regulation (PSR) scheme is widely applied in low power applications, such as cell phone chargers, network adapters, and LED drivers. However, the efficiency and standby power requirements have been improved to a high standard due to the new trends of DOE (Department Of Energy) Level VI and COC (Code Of Conduct specifications) V5. The major drawbacks of PSR include poor regulation due to inaccurate feedback and difficulty in acquiring acceptable regulation. A novel adaptive blanking strategy for constant current and constant voltage regulation is proposed in this paper. An accurate model for the sample blanking time related to transformer leakage inductance and the metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) parasitic capacitance is established. The proposed strategy can achieve accurate detection for ultra-low standby power. In addition, numerous control factors are analyzed in detail to eliminate the influence of leakage inductance on the loop stability. A dedicated controller integrated circuit (IC) with a power MOSFET is fabricated to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy. Experimental results demonstrated that the prototype based on the proposed IC has excellent performance.
Keyword Primary-side regulation, Adaptive blanking time, Transformer leakage inductance
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