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A New Dual-Active Soft-Switching Converter for an MTEM Electromagnetic Transmitter
Xuhong Wang, Yiming Zhang, and Wei Liu
Abstract In this study, a new dual-active soft-switching converter is proposed to improve conversion efficiency and extend the load range for an MTEM electromagnetic transmitter in geological exploration. Unlike a conventional DC/DC converter, the proposed converter can operate in passive soft-switching, single-active soft-switching, or dual-active soft-switching modes depending on the change in load power. The main switches and lagging auxiliary switches of the converter can attain soft-switching over the entire load range. The conduction and switching losses are greatly reduced compared with those of ordinary converters under the action of the cut-off diodes and auxiliary windings coupled to the main transformer in the auxiliary circuits. The conversion efficiency of the proposed converter is significantly improved, especially under light-load conditions. First, the working principle of the proposed converter is analyzed in detail. Second, the relationship between the different operating modes and the load power is given and the design principle of the auxiliary circuit is presented. Finally, the Saber simulation and experimental results verify the feasibility and validity of the converter and a 50 kW prototype is implemented.
Keyword MTEM transmitter, Dual-active soft-switching, Cut-off diodes, Auxiliary windings
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