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Bus Clamping PWM Based Hysteresis Current Controlled VSI fed Induction Motor Drive with Nearly Constant Switching Frequency
Joseph Peter, Mohammed Shafi KP, and Rijil Ramchand
Abstract A Current Error Space Phasor (CESP) based hysteresis controller with online computation of boundary for two-level inverter fed Induction Motor (IM) drives is presented in this paper. The stator voltages estimated along ес-and ет-axes and the orthogonal current error components of the motor are used in online computation of hysteresis boundary. All inherent benefits of space phasor based hysteresis controllers like quick dynamic response and nearby voltage vector switching are present in the proposed scheme with an added benefit of suppressing switching frequency variations. Similarity in frequency spectrum of phase voltage obtained at the output of the inverter using proposed scheme and Bus Clamping Pulse Width Modulation(BCPWM) based drive is justified with the help of extensive MATLAB SIMULINK simulations. The controller is experimentally verified on a three phase, 2.2 kW IM drive for steady state and transient conditions and it matches with the simulation results.
Keyword Current Error Space Phasor, Hysteresis, Induction motor, Switching frequency
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