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Adaptive Variable Angle Control in Switched Reluctance Motor Drives for Electric Vehicle Applications
He Cheng, Hao Chen, Shaohui Xu, and Shunyao Yang
Abstract Switched reluctance motor (SRM) is suitable for electric vehicle (EV) applications with the advantages of simple structure, good overload capability, and inherent fault-tolerance performance. The SRM dynamic simulation model is built based on torque, voltage, and flux linkage equations. The EV model is built on the basis of the analysis of forces acting on a vehicle. The entire speed range of the SRM drive is then divided into constant torque and constant power areas. The command torque of the motor drive system is given according to the accelerator pedal coefficient and motor operation areas. A novel adaptive variable angle control is proposed to avoid the switching chattering between the current chopping control and angle position control modes in SRM drives for EV applications. Finally, simulation analysis and experimental results are conducted to verify the accuracy of the proposed simulation model and control strategy.
Keyword Switched reluctance motor, Electric vehicle, Constant torque area, Constant power area, Adaptive variable angle control
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