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Implementation of a Switched PV Technique for Rooftop 2 kW Solar PV to Enhance Power during Unavoidable Partial Shading Conditions
B. Praveen Kumar, D. Prince Winston, S. Cynthia Christabel, and S. Venkatanarayanan
Abstract We propose maximum power extraction from a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) array during in partial shading conditions. Partial shading is unavoidable during power extraction from rooftop PV systems due to nearby tall buildings (construction of additional floors) and trees (growth of trees). Many reconfiguration techniques can be used to extract maximum power in partial shading conditions, but in several cases, the real maximum power output is not achieved. In this study, a new switched PV technique is proposed to enhance the power output. The proposed technique is simple to use and more cost effective than other reconfiguration techniques. Therefore, it is suitable for rooftop applications. The power output of the proposed technique is compared with that of existing techniques with similar shading patterns. Eight panels with ratings of 250 watts (2 kW) each are used for testing. MATLAB simulation and hardware verification are done for the proposed and existing techniques. The proposed technique is implemented on a 4Ąż2 PV array, although it can be extended to a number of arrays.
Keyword Maximum Power Point (MPP), Partial Shading, Reconfiguration, Solar PV
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