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Efficiency-Optimized Modulation Strategy for Dual-Active-Bridge DC-DC Converter Using Dual-Pulse-Width-Modulation in Low Power Region
Byeng-Joo Byen, Chung-Hwan Ban, Yong-Bae Lim, and Gyu-Ha Choe
Abstract In order to control the output voltage in a dual active bridge converter, the paper establishes the theoretical inductor current equation for a dual-pulse-with-modulation scheme that ensures low switching loss, and proposes a modulation strategy that minimizes conduction loss. Compared to the conventional single-pulse-width-modulation strategy, the proposed approach can reduce inductor current RMS and improve efficiency in low power region, as verified through simulation and experimental results.
Keyword DC-DC converter, Bidirectional converter, Modulation scheme, Dual-PWM
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