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A Simplified Carrier-Based Pulse-Width Modulation Strategy for Two-level Voltage Source Inverters in the Over-modulation Region
Feng Jing and Feng-You He
Abstract In this study, a carrier-based pulse-width modulation (PWM) method for two-level voltage source inverters in the over-modulation region is proposed. Based on the superposition principle, the reference voltage vectors outside the linear modulation boundary are adjusted to relocate to the vector hexagon, while their fundamental magnitudes are retained. In accordance with the adjusted reference vector, the corresponding modulated waves are respectively deduced in over-modulation mode I and II to generate the gate signals of the power switches, guaranteeing the linearity of the fundamental output phase voltage in the over-modulation region. Moreover, due to the linear relationship between the voltage vector and the duty ratios, the complicated sector identification and holding angle calculation found in previous methods are avoided in the modulated wave synthesis, which provides great simplicity for the proposed carrier-based over-modulation strategy. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness and validity of the proposed method.
Keyword Voltage-source inverter, Pulse-width modulation, Over-modulation region, Carrier-based strategy
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