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A Secondary Resonance Soft Switching Half Bridge DC-DC Converter with an Inductive Output Filter
Zhang-yong Chen and Yong Chen
Abstract In this paper, a secondary resonance half-bridge dc-dc converter with an inductive output filter is presented. The primary side of such a converter utilizes asymmetric pulse width modulation (APWM) to achieve zero-voltage switching (ZVS) of the switches, and clamps the voltage of the switch to the input voltage. In addition, zero current switching (ZCS) of the output diode is achieved by a half-wave rectifier circuit with a filter inductor and a resonant branch in the secondary side of the proposed converter. Thus, the switching losses and diode reverse-recovery losses are eliminated, and the performance of the converter can be improved. Furthermore, an inductive output filter exists in the converter reduce the output current ripple. The operational principle, performance analysis and design equation of this converter are given in this paper. The analysis results show that the output diode voltage stress is independent of the duty cycle, and that the voltage gain is almost linear, similar to that of the isolation Buck-type converter. Finally, a 200V380V input, 24V/2A output experimental prototype is built to verify the theoretical analysis.
Keyword Secondary resonance, Half bridge converter, Asymmetrical duty cycle, Soft-switching technique
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