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A Novel Control Scheme Based on the Synchronous Frame for APF
Yifan Wang, Hong Zheng, Ruoyin Wang, and Wen Zhu
Abstract For the purpose of enhancing the performance of the shunt active power filter (APF), this paper presents a novel Fast Weighted Compound Control (FWCC) strategy based on the synchronous frame. In this control strategy, the proposed new repetitive controller can work faster and more stably by reducing the internal model cycle and introducing a damping coefficient. In addition, the harmonic detector can be removed to simplify the structure of the APF owing to the improvements. Furthermore, a proportional-integral (PI) controller is added to work in parallel with the repetitive controller by using a weighted ratio. Then, a convergence speed analysis and design algorithm are given in detail. Simulation and experimental results show that the harmonic distortion is reduced from 2.91% to 1.89%. In addition, the content for each of the characteristic harmonic orders has decreased by more than three times.
Keyword Active power filter, Fast repetitive control, Internal model optimization, Harmonic compensation
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