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A Novel Switched-Capacitor Based High Step-Up dc/dc Converter for Renewable Energy System Applications
Fereshteh Radmand and Aref Jalili
Abstract This paper presents a new high step-up dc/dc converter for renewable energy systems in which a high voltage gain is provided by using a coupled inductor. The operation of the proposed converter is based on a charging capacitor with a single power switch in its structure. A passive clamp circuit composed of capacitors and diodes is employed in the proposed converter for lowering the voltage stress on the power switch as well as increasing the voltage gain of the converter. Since the voltage stress is low in the provided topology, a switch with a small ON-state resistance can be used. As a result, the losses are decreased and the efficiency is increased. The operating principle and steady-states analyses are discussed in detail. To confirm the viability and accurate performance of the proposed high step-up dc-dc converter, several simulation and experimental results obtained through PSCAD/EMTDC software and a built prototype are provided.
Keyword High gain DC-DC converters, switched-capacitor, renewable energy systems, Coupled inductor
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