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Load and Mutual Inductance Identification Method for Series-Parallel Compensated IPT Systems
Long Chen, Yu-Gang Su, Yu-Ming Zhao, Chun-Sen Tang, and Xin Dai
Abstract Identifying the load and mutual inductance is essential for improving the power transfer capability and power transfer efficiency of Inductive Power Transfer (IPT) systems. In this paper, a steady-state load and mutual inductance identification method focusing on series-parallel compensated IPT systems is proposed. The identification model is established according to the steady-state characteristics of the system. Furthermore, two sets of identification results are obtained, and then they are analyzed in detail to eliminate the untrue one. In addition, the identification method can be achieved without extra circuits so that it does not increase the complexity of the system or the control difficulty. Finally, the feasibility of the proposed method has been verified by simulation and experimental results.
Keyword Wireless power transfer, Inductive power transfer, Load identification, Mutual inductance identification, Resonant
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