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A Novel Harmonic Identification Algorithm for the Active Power Filters in Non-Ideal Voltage Source Systems
Phonsit Santiprapan, Kongpol Areerak, and Kongpan Areerak
Abstract This paper describes an intensive analysis of a harmonic identification algorithm in non-ideal voltages source systems. The dq -axis Fourier with a positive sequence voltage detector (DQFP) is a novel harmonic identification algorithm for active power filters. A compensating current control system based on repetitive control is presented. A design and stability analysis of the proposed current control are also given. The aim of the paper is to achieve a robustness of the harmonic identification in a distorted and unbalanced voltage source. The proposed ideas are supported by a hardware in the loop technique based on a eZdspTM F28335 and the Simulink program. The obtained results are presented to demonstrate the performance of the harmonic identification and the control strategy for the active power filter in non-ideal systems.
Keyword dq0-axis with a Fourier algorithm (DQF), Positive sequence voltage detector (PSVD), Repetitive control, Active power filter (APF), Harmonic elimination, Three-phase four-wire system
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