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Study on a Novel Switching Pattern Current Control Scheme Applied to Three-Phase Voltage-Source Converters
Hongyan Zhao, Yan Li, and Trillion Q. Zheng
Abstract This paper presents a novel switching pattern current control (SP-CC) scheme, which is applied in three-phase voltage-source converters (VSC). This scheme can select the optimal output switching pattern (SP) by referring the basic principle of space vector modulation (SVM). Moreover, SP-CC is a method without a carrier wave. Thus, the implementation process is concise and easy. When compared with the conventional hysteresis current control (C-HCC) and the space vector-based hysteresis current control (SV-HCC), the SP-CC has the performances of faster dynamic response of C-HCC and less switching number (SN) of SV-HCC. In addition, it has less harmonic contents in the three-phase current, along with a lower switching loss and a higher efficiency. Moreover, the hysteresis bandwidth and Clarke conversion are not required in the SP-CC. The effectiveness of the presented SP-CC is verified by simulation and experimental test results. In addition, the advantages of the SP-CC, when compared with the C-HCC and SV-HCC, are verified as well.
Keyword Switching pattern current control (SP-CC), Voltage-source converter (VSC), Hysteresis current control (HCC), Switching number (SN)
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