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Analysis and Control of NPC-3L Inverter Fed Dual Three-Phase PMSM Drives Considering their Asymmetric Factors
Jian Chen, Zheng Wang, Yibo Wang, and Ming Cheng
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to study a high-performance control scheme for neutral-point-clamping three-level (NPC-3L) inverter fed dual three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drives by considering some asymmetric factors such as the non-identical parameters in phase windings. To implement this, the system model is analyzed for dual three-phase PMSM drives with asymmetric factors based on the vector space decomposition (VSD) principle. Based on the equivalent circuits, PI controllers with feedforward compensation are used in the d-q subspace for regulating torque, where the cut-off frequency of the PI controllers are set at the twice the fundamental frequency for compensating both the additional DC component and the second order component caused by asymmetry. Meanwhile, proportional resonant (PR) controllers are proposed in the x-y subspace for suppressing the possible unbalanced currents in the phase windings. A dual three-phase space vector modulation (DT-SVM) is designed for the drive, and the balancing factor is designed based on the numerical fitting surface for balancing the DC link capacitor voltages. Experimental results are given to demonstrate the validity of the theoretical analysis and the proposed control scheme.
Keyword Asymmetric factors, Neutral-point-clamping three-level inverter, PMSM drives, Space vector modulation, Vector space decomposition
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