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Improved Trigger System for the Suppression of Harmonics and EMI Derived from the Reverse-Recovery Characteristics of a Thyristor
Tianliu Wei, Qiuyuan Wang, Chengxiong Mao, Jiming Lu, and Dan Wang
Abstract This paper analyses the harmonic pollution to power grids caused by thyristor-controlled devices. It also formulates a mathematic derivation for the voltage spikes in thyristor-controlled branches to explain the harmonic and EMI derived from the reverse-recovery characteristics of the thyristor. With an equivalent nonlinear time-varying voltage source, a detailed simulation model is established, and the periodic dynamic switching characteristic of the thyristor can be explicitly implied. The simulation results are consistent with the probed results from on-site measurements. An improved trigger system with gate-shorted circuit structure is proposed to reduce the voltage spikes that cause EMI. The experimental results indicate that a prototype with the improved trigger system can effectively suppress the voltage spikes.
Keyword Thyristor, voltage spike, Harmonic, Electromagnetic interference (EMI), Trigger system
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