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Research and Stability Analysis of Active-Disturbance-Rejection-Control-Based Microgrid Controllers
Xiaoning Xu, Xuesong Zhou, Youjie Ma, and Yiqi Liu
Abstract With the rapid development of microgrid technology, microgrid projects are no longer limited to laboratory demonstrations and pilot platforms. It shows greater value in practical applications. Hence, the smooth interaction between a microgrid and the main grid plays a critical role. In this paper, a control method based on active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) is proposed in order to realize seamless transitions between grid-connected and islanding operation modes and stable operation with variable loads. It is verified by simulations that the proposed ADRC-based method features better performance when compared to conventional proportional-integral-differential (PID) control. Meanwhile, the stability of the third-order extended state observer (ESO) in second-order ADRC is validated by using Lyapunov stability criteria.
Keyword Active disturbance rejection control, Lyapunov stability criteria, Microgrid, Third-order extended state observer
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