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Modified Capacitor-Assisted Z-Source Inverter Topology with Enhanced Boost Ability
Anh-Vu Ho and Tae-Won Chun
Abstract This paper presents a novel topology named a modified capacitor-assisted Z-source inverter (MCA-ZSI) based on the traditional ZSI. The impedance network of the proposed MCA-ZSI consists of the symmetric two cells coupled two capacitors in X-shape structure, and each cell has two inductors and two capacitors, and one diode. In comparison to the other topologies based on switched ZSI with the same number of components used at impedance network, the proposed topology provides higher boost ability, lower voltage stress across inverter switching devices, and lower capacitor voltage stress. The improved performances of proposed topology are demonstrated with both the simulation and experimental results.
Keyword Boost ability, Impedance network, Inverter, Switched-capacitor, Z-source inverter (ZSI)
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