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A New Single Phase Multilevel Inverter Topology with Two-step Voltage Boosting Capability
Tapas Roy, Pradip Kumar Sadhu, and Abhijit Dasgupta
Abstract In this paper, a new single phase multilevel inverter topology with a single DC source is presented. The proposed topology is developed based on the concepts of the L-Z source inverter and the switched capacitor multilevel inverter. The input voltage to the proposed inverter is boosted by two steps: the first step by an impedance network and the second step by switched capacitor units. Compared to other existing topologies, the presented topology can produce a higher boosted multilevel output voltage while using a smaller number of components. In addition, it provides more flexibility to control boosting factor, size, cost and complexity of the inverter. The proposed inverter possesses all the advantages of the L-Z source inverter and the switched capacitor multilevel inverter like controlling the start-up inrush current and capacitor voltage balancing using a simple switching strategy. The operating principle and general expression for the different parameters of the proposed topology are presented in detail. A phase disposition pulse width modulation strategy has been developed to switch the inverter. The effectiveness of the topology is verified by extensive simulation and experimental studies on a 7-level inverter structure.
Keyword Boosting factor, Capacitor voltage balance, Impedance source inverter, Multilevel inverter, Pulse width modulation, Switched capacitor
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