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Improving the Solution Range in Selective Harmonic Mitigation Pulse Width Modulation Technique for Cascaded Multilevel Converters
Mohammad Najjar, Hossein Iman-Eini, Amirhossein Moeini, and Shahrokh Farhangi
Abstract This paper proposes an improved low frequency Selective Harmonic Mitigation-PWM (SHM-PWM) technique. The proposed method well mitigates the low order harmonics of the output voltage up to 50th harmonics and satisfies the grid codes EN 50160 and CIGRE-WG 36?05. Using a modified criterion for the switching angles, the range of modulation index for the non-linear SHM equations is improved, without increasing the switching frequency of CHB converter. Due to low switching frequency of CHB converter and mitigating the harmonics of converter up to 50th order, and finding wider modulation index range, the size and cost of passive filters can significantly be reduced with the proposed technique. So, the proposed technique is more efficient than conventional SHM-PWM. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed method, a 7-level Cascaded H-bridge (CHB) converter is utilized for the study. Simulation and experimental results confirm the validity of above claims.
Keyword Multilevel converter, Selective Harmonic Mitigation, Cascaded H-bridge Inverter, Particle Swarm Optimization
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