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An Enhanced Simulated Annealing (ESA) Based Global MPPT for Different PV Systems in Mismatch Condition
Feng Wang, Tianhua Zhu, Fang Zhuo, Hao Yi, and Yusen Fan
Abstract PV systems are influenced by disproportionate impacts on energy production due to mismatch cases frequently. The occurrence of multiple maximum power points (MPPs) adds complexity to the tracking process in different PV systems. However, current Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) techniques exhibit limited performance. This paper introduces an enhanced simulated annealing (ESA) based GMPPT technique against multiple MPP issues in P-V curve with different PV system structures. The proposal can not only distinguish the global and local MPPs, but also performs fast convergence speed, high tracking accuracy detection of irradiance changing and restart ability. Moreover, the proposed global maximum power tracking algorithm can be also applied in the central converter of DMPPT and hybrid PV system to meet different application scenarios. The effectiveness is verified by simulation and test results.
Keyword Simulated Annealing, GMPPT, PV generation, Distributed MPPT, Mismatch
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