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Automotive High Side Switch Driver IC for Current Sensing Accuracy Improvement with Reverse Battery Protection
Jaehyun Park and Shihong Park
Abstract This paper presents a high-side switch driver IC capable of improving the current sensing accuracy and providing reverse battery protection. Power semiconductor switches used to replace relay switches are encumbered by two disadvantages: they are prone to current sensing errors and they require additional external protection circuits for reverse battery protection. The proposed IC integrates a gate driver and current sensing blocks, thus compensating for these two disadvantages with a single IC. A p-sub-based 90-V 0.13-m bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process is used for the design and fabrication of the proposed IC. The current sensing accuracy (error 5% in the range of 0.1 A?6.5 A) and the reverse battery protection features of the proposed IC were experimentally tested and verified.
Keyword Automotive power switch driver, high side gate driver, automotive current sensing, current sensing accuracy, reverse battery protection
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