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Full Bridge Resonant Inverter Using Asymmetrical Control with Resonant-frequency Tracking for Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications
Jirapong Jittakort, Anawach Sangswang, Sumate Naetiladdanon, Chayant Koompai, and Saichol Chudjuarjeen
Abstract Flexibility in the power control of ultrasonic transducers has remained a challenge for cleaning applications. This paper introduces a modification of the existing piezoelectric ceramic transducer (PCT) circuit to increase the range of operation through its impedance characteristics. The output power is controlled using the asymmetrical voltage-cancellation (AVC) method. Together with a phase-locked loop control, the switching frequency of the inverter is automatically adjusted to maintain a lagging phase angle under load-parameter variations during the cleaning process. With the proposed modification, the region of the zero-voltage switching (ZVS) operation is extended, which results in a wider range of output power control. A hardware prototype is constructed and the control algorithm is implemented using an STM32F4 microcontroller. Simulation and experimental results are provided to verify the proposed method for a 50-W PCT. The operating frequency and output power ranges under study are 37 - 41 kHz and 15.8 - 50 W, respectively.
Keyword Resonant inverter, Asymmetrical control, Ultrasonic Cleaner
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