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Optimal Voltage Vector Selection Method for Torque Ripple Reducdtion in Direct Torque Control of a Five-Phase Induction Motor
Seong-Yun Kang, Hye Ung Shin, and Kyo-Beum Lee
Abstract This paper presents an improved switching selection method for direct torque control (DTC) of five-phase induction motor (IM) control. The proposed method is conducted by using optimal switching selection. A five-phase inverter has 32 voltage vectors which are divided into 30 nonzero voltage vectors and two zero voltage vectors. The magnitudes of voltage vector consist of a large, medium, and small voltage vector. In addition, these are related to the torque response and torque ripple. When the large voltage vector is selected in the drive system, the torque response time decreases with increased torque ripple. On the other hand, when the small voltage vector is selected, the torque response time and torque ripple increase. As a result, this paper proposes an optimal voltage vector selection method for improved DTC of a five-phase induction machine according to the situation. Simulation and experimental results prove the effectiveness of the proposed control algorithm.
Keyword Five-phase inverter, Induction motor, Voltage vector, Switching selection method
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